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C. elegans association mapping


  1. Enter the required information to the left.
  2. Enter strain name and phenotype data below by dragging and dropping from your spreadsheet. Strain names must be approved names from this site. Names in red need to be edited to match strains in the collection.
  3. Click submit to map your trait
  4. Mappings can take up to 15 minutes. Please be patient. Up to five traits can be mapped in parallel at this time.
  5. Contact us with problems, questions, or suggestions.


Although strains from other sources might have the same name as strains used in this resource, genotypes might be confused or names altered. For best association mapping results, please use the strains created as a part of this resource. All sequenced strains are the same as those sent through this resource. Additionally, association mapping results need to be analyzed with care. Allele frequency skews, small sample sizes, or phenotypes similar to genomic positions can cause spurious mapping results, among other issues. Please be critical of mapping data.

Put strain names in the first column (Column A), and up to five traits in columns B-F.
Copy and Paste your dataset into the table above.

If you are not redirected to a reports page after clicking the submit button, please notify us of the issue via the feedback form.