Version 1.5.0


Version 1.5

CeNDR 1.5.0 has now been released. Version 1.5.0 is a substantial update.

Release Notes

  • The primary data model has moved from isotypes to strains.
  • The backend of the site has been substantially restructured to improve maintainability.
  • A table of strains with issues has been added to the data releases page.
  • The variant data table has been removed from isotype pages.
  • New strain collection images have been added.
  • The API has been removed. It did not see a lot of usage and become cumbersome to maintain.
  • A new collaborators page has been added.
  • Software and Methods have been moved to be per-release, as the pipeline is ever-evolving.
  • Data links have been removed from isotype pages; They are still available on the release pages.
  • Reports for Alignment, Concordance, And Variant calling are now produced for all releases.
  • Publications have been updated.
  • The public mappings page was removed as our mapping infrastructure is changing.
  • A new tool for calculating heritability has been released.
  • A tool for generating primers for genotyping indels will be released soon.

Genome Browser

  • IGVjs has been upgraded and has a number of new tools.
  • A track for repeat_masker, and Dust data has been added.
  • A track for transposons from Laricchia et al. 2017 been added.
  • Tracks for divergent regions from Lee et al. 2020 have been added.